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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

C'era una volta il West

Plot summary

Story of a young woman, Mrs. McBain, who moves from New Orleans to frontier Utah, on the very edge of the American West. She arrives to find her new husband and family slaughtered, but by who? The prime suspect, coffee-lover Cheyenne, befriends her and offers to go after the real killer, assassin gang leader Frank, in her honor. He is accompanied by Harmonica on his quest to get even. Get-rich-quick subplots and intricate character histories intertwine with such artistic flair that this could in fact be the movie-to-end-all-movies. Written by DrGoodBeat

A mysterious stranger with a harmonica joins forces with a notorious desperado to protect a beautiful widow from a ruthless assassin working for the railroad in this long frontier epic. Mysterious pasts and the strength of loyalties is explored amid lightning fast gun battles and stylish vistas. Written by Keith Loh {}

Frank, a gunslinger, is hired by the powerful owner of a railroad conglomerate to kill anyone who derails the project. But Frank contends with the wrong person when he murders Brett, a landowner. After his death, Brett's wife demands revenge, hiring 2 renegades to go after Frank. Written by pmmom38

Cast of C'era una volta il West

Henry Fonda ... Frank

Claudia Cardinale ... Jill McBain

Jason Robards ... Cheyenne

Charles Bronson ... Harmonica
Gabriele Ferzetti ... Morton (railroad baron)
Paolo Stoppa ... Sam
Woody Strode ... Stony (member of Frank's gang)

Jack Elam ... Snaky (member of Frank's gang)
Keenan Wynn ... Sheriff (auctioneer)
Frank Wolff ... Brett McBain
Lionel Stander ... Barman

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