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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Red River

Plot summary

Tom Dunson builds a cattle empire with his adopted son Matthew Garth. Together they begin a massive cattle drive north from Texas to the Missouri railhead. But on the way, new information and Dunson's tyrannical ways cause Matthew to take the herd away from Dunson and head to a new railhead in Kansas. Dunson, swearing vengeance, pursues. Written by Jim Beaver {}

Cast of Red River

John Wayne ... Thomas Dunson

Montgomery Clift ... Matthew 'Matt' Garth
Joanne Dru ... Tess Millay

Walter Brennan ... 'Groot' Nadine
Coleen Gray ... Fen (as Colleen Gray)
Harry Carey ... Mr. Melville (as Harry Carey Sr.)
John Ireland ... Cherry Valance
Noah Beery Jr. ... Buster McGee
Harry Carey Jr. ... Dan Latimer
Chief Yowlachie ... Quo (as Chief Yowlatchie)
Paul Fix ... Teeler Yacey

Hank Worden ... Simms Reeves
Mickey Kuhn ... Matt, as a boy
Ray Hyke ... Walt Jergens
Wally Wales ... Old Leather (as Hal Talliaferro)

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