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Monday, May 28, 2007

Shin seiki Evangelion Gekijô-ban: Air/Magokoro wo, kimi ni

Plot summary

NERV faces a brutal attack from SEELE, but with Asuka in a coma, and Shinji in a nervous breakdown, things soon turn into the surreal. This movie provides an concurrent ending to the final two episodes of the show "Neon Genesis Evangelion". Written by Anonymous

With the final Angel defeated, NERV HQ and the Eva pilots think their task is done. But it is soon revealed that all they've been fighting for is a lie: SEELE, the secret parent corporation of NERV, wanted to eliminate the Angels so it would be free to carry out the Human Instrumentality Project, ushering in a new level of human existence. However, SEELE discovers that NERV Director Gendou Ikari has betrayed them, as he plans to initiate his own altered version of the Project for his own plans. SEELE engineers a massive leave-no-survivors assault on Tokyo-3 by the conventional Japanese army, as well as deploying the 9 new mass-production model Eva units. With NERV being overwhelmed, the pilots of their 2 remaining Eva units mentally in no condition to fight, 9 horrifying new Eva's bearing down on the base, and Gendou descending into the bowels of NERV HQ to attempt the bring about Third Impact with Rei, the future of humanity lies in 14 year old Shinji's hands. Written by Anonymous

Cast of Shin seiki Evangelion Gekijô-ban: Air/Magokoro wo, kimi ni

Megumi Ogata ... Shinji Ikari (voice: Japanese version)
Megumi Hayashibara ... Rei Ayanami/Yui Ikari (voice: Japanese version)
Yûko Miyamura ... Asuka Langley Sôryû (voice: Japanese version)
Kotono Mitsuishi ... Misato Katsuragi (voice: Japanese version)
Yuriko Yamaguchi ... Ritsuko Akagi (voice: Japanese version)
Fumihiko Tachiki ... Gendô Ikari (voice: Japanese version)
Akira Ishida ... Kaworu Nagisa (voice: Japanese version)
Motomu Kiyokawa ... Kôzô Fuyutsuki (voice: Japanese version)
Mugihito ... Keel Lorentz (voice: Japanese version)
Takehito Koyasu ... Shigeru Aoba (voice: Japanese version)
Hiro Yuuki ... Makoto Hyûga (voice: Japanese version)
Miki Nagasawa ... Maya Ibuki (voice: Japanese version)

Spike Spencer ... Shinji Ikari (voice: English version)
Amanda Winn Lee ... Rei Ayanami/Yui Ikari (voice: English version) (as Amanda Winn)
Tiffany Grant ... Asuka Langley Sohryuu (voice: English version)

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