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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Brilliantovaya ruka

Plot summary

Semyon Gorbunkov goes on a cruise. In Istanbul, he slips and breaks his arm. What he didn't know is that this was a signal for a gang of smugglers (a real smuggler - Gena - was also on board the same ship). So his arm gets bandaged with gold and diamonds. After he returns home, the gangsters are trying to get their stuff back, while the police try to catch them using Gorbunkov and his arm. Written by Boris Shafir {}

Semyon Gorbunkov, a friendly and naive husband and a father of two goes on a world cruise. Visiting different countries and cities, him and his new friend Gennady, whom he met on the ship, have fun seeing the world. Arriving in Istanbul, Gorbunkov gets lost and in search of the way out, he accidentally slips and breaks his arm. Uttering a blasphemous phrase (which turns out to be a secret code intended for Gennady a contrabandist), he is taken to a nearby "clinic", where an arm cast, being a decoy for jewellry and diamonds inside is put on his arm. Back in USSR, Gorbunkov informs the police about his mishap and begins a series of secret operations with the gangsters trying to get a hold of the precious cast in many ways possible. Written by Eli P. {}


Yuri Nikulin ... Semyon Gorbunkov
Nina Grebeshkova ... Nadezhda Gorbunkova
Andrei Mironov ... Gennady Kozodoev
Anatoli Papanov ... Lyolik
Stanislav Chekan ... Captain Mikhail Ivanovich
Vladimir Gulyayev ... Lieutenant Volodya
Nonna Mordyukova ... Superintendent
Svetlana Svetlichnaya ... Anna Sergeyevna
Roman Filippov ... Man in the Restaurant
Grigori Shpigel ... Main Foreign Smuggler
Leonid Kanevsky ... Assisstant Foreign Smuggler
Igor Yasulovich ... Dog Owner
Maksim Nikulin ... Boy, 'Walking on Water'
Aleksandra Lisyutina ... Gorbunkov's Daughter (as Sashenka)
Aleksandr Khvylya ... Weeping Willow' Maitre dHotel

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