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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Deja Vu

Plot summary

"Deja vu", I must confessed, I saw it on my computer and on the first go, I stopped it after its first 20mins as it looked like a typical American action movie with nothing new. But then again today I went through its review (because I heard so much about it) and until caught a tagline "If you thought it was just a trick of the mind, prepare yourself for the truth Courtesy ". And this tagline persuaded me to see the movie again from the start but only this time with little enthusiasm and could only wished afterwards that I should have seen it in a theater. As once I was over those first 20mins, I just wished I can only be able to pace-up with the movie. It's running and running while won't even let u think twice about what is happening and you could only wish to get a grip to yourself but "deja vu" won't let you till the end but only gonna leave you panting even after the end. Though it doesn't mean that you gonna feel lost at any point. Trust me, you would love to forget a beat than to skip its one frame (I think there are 16-20 frames in a second, for geeks only). Movie is a one man show all together that revolves around Denzel Washington's character "Doug Carlin" an ATF agent (like FBI, hopefully, just a guess). Denzel Washington is only looking a bit old (but only with his shirts off).Movie can be characterized into SCI-FI plus Action category but is able to hold you, for 120mins if you are in for once, no matter what kinda audience you are! the best thing about the movie is that, at all times you think that you are ahead of it and know what gonna happen next but it gonna beat you every single second (won't even let you win for a minute). So in short, it's a win win situation if you are looking for a time pass or a serious contender who is actually looking for a good movie. MUST WATCH and I know you wont mind watching it again. Written by

A ferry filled with crewmen from the USS Nimitz and their families was blown up in New Orleans on Mardi Gras. BATF Doug Carlin is brought in to assist in the massive investigation, and gets attached to an experimental FBI surveillance unit, one that uses spacefolding technology to directly look back a little over four days into the past. While tracking down the bomber, Carlin gets an idea in his head: could they use the device to actually travel back in time and not only prevent the bombing but also the murder of a local woman whose truck was used in the bombing? Written by Jeff Cross

After an explosion on a ferry kills over 500 people including a large group of party-going sailors, an ATF agent (Denzel Washington) investigates the crime. AN FBI agent (Val Kilmer) also joins the investigation. Impressed with the ATF agent's skills, the FBI agent invites him to join a new team that has a new program that uses satellite technology to look backwards in time for 4-1/2 days to try to capture the terrorist (Jim Cavaziel). Meanwhile a young woman (Paula Patton) who was burned washes up on shore. Meant to look like part of of the explosion, the body arrives at its location too soon, which leads the agents to believe her death is related to the explosion. As they use the new technology to study the woman, the ATF agent determines that this is not satellite imagery but somehow is using a time warp. From this point in the film, the movie moves from a crime film to a sci-fi time paradox film. Nonetheless, the action is non-stop and always captivating. The end of the film may be confusing to some people, but it is all laid out if one cares to look carefully. Contains some extreme violence that some may find disturbing, particularly during the explosion when many people are shown jumping off the boat in flames. Written by John Scaksteder


Denzel Washington ... Doug Carlin

Paula Patton ... Claire Kuchever

Val Kilmer ... Agent Pryzwarra

James Caviezel ... Carroll Oerstadt (as Jim Caviezel)

Adam Goldberg ... Denny

Elden Henson ... Gunnars

Erika Alexander ... Shanti

Bruce Greenwood ... Jack McCready
Rich Hutchman ... Agent Stalhuth

Matt Craven ... Minuti

Donna W. Scott ... Beth (as Donna Scott)

Elle Fanning ... Abbey

Brian Howe ... Medical Examiner

Enrique Castillo ... Claire's Father
Mark Phinney ... Agent Donnelly

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