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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


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Plot summary

From cult movie directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez comes a unique film experience: a double-bill of thrillers that recall both filmmakers' favorite exploitation films. "Grindhouse" (a downtown movie theater in disrepair since its glory days as a movie palace known for "grinding out" non-stop double-bill programs of B-movies) is presented as one full-length feature comprised of two individual films helmed separately by each director. Tarantino's film, "Death Proof," is a rip-roaring slasher flick where the killer pursues his victims with a car rather than a knife, while Rodriguez's film "Planet Terror" shows us a view of the world in the midst of a zombie outbreak. The films are joined together by clever faux trailers that recall the '50s exploitation drive-in classics. Written by alfiehitchie

An homage to exploitation B-movie thrillers that combines two feature-length segments into one double-bill designed to replicate the grind house theatergoing experience of the 70s and 80s. In "Death Proof," a psycho named Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) stalks and kills beautiful women with his car. In "Planet Terror," a small-town sheriffs' department has to deal with an outbreak of murderous, infected people called "sickos." A gun-legged woman named Cherry (Rose McGowan) and her martial arts-wielding partner (Freddy Rodriguez) take on the zombie army. The two films will be fused together by fake movie trailers. Written by prettypoison


Naveen Andrews ... Abby (segment "Planet Terror")
Melissa Arcaro ... Venus Envy (segment "Death Proof")

Will Arnett ... Announcer (segement "Don't") (voice)
Electra Avellan ... Babysitter Twin #1 (segments "Death Proof"/"Planet Terror")

Elise Avellan ... Babysitter Twin #2 (segments "Death Proof"/"Planet Terror")
Michael Bacall ... Omar (segment "Death Proof")

Zoe Bell ... Zoe (segment "Death Proof")

Michael Biehn ... Sheriff Hague (segment "Planet Terror")/The Sheriff (segment "Thanksgiving")
Emily Booth ... (segment "Don't")

Josh Brolin ... Dr. William Block (segment "Planet Terror")

Nicolas Cage ... Fu Manchu (segment "Werewolf Women of the SS")

Leroy Castanon ... Sicko (segment "Planet Terror")
Cecilia Conti ... Paramedic #1 (segment "Planet Terror")

Sybil Danning ... Gretchen Krupp (segment "Werewolf Women of the SS")

Rosario Dawson ... Abernathy (segment "Death Proof")
Omar Doom ... Nate (segment "Death Proof")

Jason Douglas ... Lewis (segment "Planet Terror")
Jamie L. Dunno ... Lanna Frank Friend #2 (segment "Death Proof")
Eurlyne Epper ... Lanna Frank Friend #1 (segment "Death Proof")
Jeff Fahey ... J.T. (segment "Planet Terror")

Stacy Ferguson ... Tammy (segment "Planet Terror")

Vanessa Ferlito ... Arlene/"Butterfly" (segment "Death Proof")

Carlos Gallardo ... Deputy Carlos (segment "Planet Terror")

Marcy Harriell ... Marcy (segment "Death Proof")
Sammy Harte ... Infected Girl (segment "Planet Terror")

Shannon Hazlett ... Butterfly Foot Double (segment "Death Proof")

Jay Hernandez ... Bobby (segment "Thanksgiving")

Olja Hrustic ... Werewolf Woman (segment "Werewolf Women of the SS")

Doran Ingram ... Patient (segment "Planet Terror")

Nicky Katt ... Joe (segment "Planet Terror")
Greg Kelly ... Rapist #2 (segment "Planet Terror")

Udo Kier ... Franz Hess (segment "Werewolf Women of the SS")

Jordan Ladd ... Shanna (segment "Death Proof")/Judy (segment "Thanksgiving")

Andrea Lee ... Sicko
Jonathan Loughran ... Jasper (segment "Death Proof")
Matthew Macfadyen ... (segment "Don't)
Alicia Rachel Marek ... Redhead Babe (segment "Machete")

Cheech Marin ... Padre Benicio Del Toro (segment "Machete")
Andrew Martin ... Nazi Boxer (segment "Werewolf Women of the SS") (as Test)

Rose McGowan ... Cherry Darling (segment "Planet Terror")/Pam (segment "Death Proof")
John McLean ... Sicko Coach (segment "Planet Terror")
Julio Oscar Mechoso ... Romey (segment "Planet Terror")
Katie Melua ... (segment "Don't")
Marta Mendoza ... Punky Bruiser (segment "Death Proof")

Sheri Moon ... Eva Krupp (segment "Werewolf Women of the SS") (as Sheri Moon Zombie)

Bill Moseley ... Dr. Heinrich von Strasser (segment "Werewolf Women of the SS")

Tim Murphy ... Tim the Bartender (segment "Death Proof")

Meriah Nelson ... Werewolf Woman (segment "Werewolf Women of the SS")

Lorielle New ... Werewolf Woman (segment "Werewolf Women of the SS")
Hung Nguyen ... Dr. Crane (segment "Planet Terror")
Tommy Nix ... Paramedic #2 (segment "Planet Terror")
James Parks ... Edgar McGraw (segment "Death Proof")
Michael Parks ... Earl McGraw (segments "Planet Terror"/"Death Proof")

Simon Pegg ... Bearded Cannibal (segment "Don't")

Sydney Tamiia Poitier ... Jungle Julia (segment "Death Proof")
Oleg Aleksandrovich Prudius ... Nazi Boxer (segment "Werewolf Women of the SS") (as Vladimir Kozlov)
Skip Reissig ... Skip (segment "Planet Terror")
Jeff Rendell ... The Pilgrim (segment "Thanksgiving")
Johnny Reno ... Sax Survivor (segment "Planet Terror")

Troy Robinson ... Soldier #1 (segment "Planet Terror")

Freddy Rodríguez ... El Wray (segment "Planet Terror")
Rebel Rodriguez ... Tony Block (segment "Planet Terror")
Jerili Romeo ... Ramona McGraw (segment "Planet Terror")

Christine Rose ... Sicko (segment "Planet Terror")

Eli Roth ... Dov (segment "Death Proof")/Tucker (segment "Thanksgiving")

Kurt Russell ... Stuntman Mike (segment "Death Proof")
Felix Sabates ... Dr. Felix (segment "Planet Terror")

Ava Santana ... Sicko (segment "Planet Terror") (as Katie Knighten)
Tom Savini ... Deputy Tolo (segment "Planet Terror")

Marley Shelton ... Dr. Dakota Block (segments "Planet Terror"/"Death Proof")
Derek Southers ... Soldier #2 (segment "Planet Terror")

Monica Staggs ... Lanna Frank (segment "Death Proof")

Quentin Tarantino ... The Rapist (segment "Planet Terror")/Warren (segment "Death Proof")

Tracie Thoms ... Kim (segment "Death Proof")
Tom Towles ... Lt. Boorman (segment "Werewolf Women of the SS")

Danny Trejo ... Machete (segment "Machete")

Bruce Willis ... Lt. Muldoon (segment "Planet Terror")

Stuart Wilson ... Old Man (segment "Don't")

Mary Elizabeth Winstead ... Lee (segment "Death Proof")

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