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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spider-Man 2

Plot summary

Peter Parker's having a rough time. His double life as the superhero Spider-Man is having a devastating impact on his civilian life. Things are so bad he declares that he's quitting, and never putting on the suit again. However, his sense of duty forces him to become a hero again when the brilliant scientist Dr. Otto Octavius is deformed in an accident and becomes Dr. Octopus. With four metal tentacles sticking out of his back, he'll prove to be a more than worthy opponent for Spider-Man. Written by rmlohner

Peter Parker (Tobey McGuire) can't seem to catch any kind of break. Being Spiderman has brought him nothing but problems as far as his personal life is concerned. Not only that, Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) is engaged to astronaut John Jameson, and Peter may lose her forever. Things are so bad for him that he is pushed past his breaking point, so he decides that he doesn't want to be Spiderman anymore, until a freak accident transforms Dr. Otto Octavius into Dr. Octopus, a super-villian with four metal tentacles coming out of him. Peter realizes that only Spiderman can stop him, but of course, problems arise. Mary Jane gets caught in the middle, and Harry Osborn, who still blames Spiderman for the death of his father, Norman Osborn, also the Green Goblin, wants him dead. Spiderman will have to push himself past his limits if he's going to survive. Written by Roguemaster83

Peter Parker appears to be your average ordinary college student - struggling to make ends meet, living hand-to-mouth, and attempting to capture the heart of the girl of his dreams. All is not as it seems, as Peter also possess amazing super-powers which he uses to serve to protect his fellow man as the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man. Peter is now faced with the titanic choice of living his life out as he wants, or shoulding the burden of his unwanted responsibility. Written by Joe50000

Two years have passed for Peter Parker, established in his role as college student...and as a crimefighter. He can't keep up at school, pay his rent or make amends with his estranged best friend Harry, who wants Spider-Man dead. Mary Jane is more skeptical than ever of the man in her life. Peter's idol, a renowned scientist named Otto Octavius, resurfaces following a failed fusion experiment. Peter, at times noticing he's losing some of his powers, and is feeling the effects of the stress in his personal life, realizes he must decide between being who he once was or retaining his secret identity to stop "Doc Ock" and save New York City. Written by balboa82


Tobey Maguire ... Spider-Man/Peter Parker

Kirsten Dunst ... Mary Jane Watson

James Franco ... Harry Osborn

Alfred Molina ... Doc Ock/Dr. Otto Octavius

Rosemary Harris ... May Parker

J.K. Simmons ... J. Jonah Jameson

Donna Murphy ... Rosalie Octavius

Daniel Gillies ... John Jameson

Dylan Baker ... Dr. Curt Connors

Bill Nunn ... Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson

Vanessa Ferlito ... Louise

Aasif Mandvi ... Mr. Aziz

Willem Dafoe ... Green Goblin/Norman Osborn

Cliff Robertson ... Ben Parker

Ted Raimi ... Hoffman

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