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Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Graduate

Plot summary

Ben has recently graduated college, with his parents now expecting great things from him. At his "Homecoming" party, Mrs. Robinson, the wife of his father's business partner, has Ben drive her home, which leads to an affair between the two. The affair eventually ends, but comes back to haunt him when he finds himself falling for Elaine, Mrs. Robinson's daughter. Written by Zac Abrams

The action is mainly seen through the eyes of Benjamin Braddock, a confused twenty-one year old, who is worried about his future but who does not simply want to follow the commercial path of his affluent family and their friends. His life becomes complicated when he is embroiled in an affair with an older woman, Mrs. Robinson, the wife of his father's business partner. It becomes impossible when he falls in love with Mrs. Robinson's daughter, Elaine. Written by alfiehitchie

Cast of The Graduate

Anne Bancroft ... Mrs. Robinson

Dustin Hoffman ... Benjamin Braddock

Katharine Ross ... Elaine Robinson
William Daniels ... Mr. Braddock
Murray Hamilton ... Mr. Robinson
Elizabeth Wilson ... Mrs. Braddock
Buck Henry ... Room Clerk

Brian Avery ... Carl Smith
Walter Brooke ... Mr. McGuire
Norman Fell ... Mr. McCleery
Alice Ghostley ... Mrs. Singleman
Marion Lorne ... Miss DeWitte
Eddra Gale ... Woman on Bus

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