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Monday, June 4, 2007

Stalag 17

Plot summary

Set in a German POW Camp for enlisted American airmen, a spy is discovered to be living in one of the prison barracks after an escape attempt fails resulting in the deaths of two inmates. The prisoners at once suspect Sefton, an unscrupulous inside dealer who trades almost anything with the Germans for extra privileges. After Sefton is beaten up, he himself determines to find the real spy and the result is a mixture of intrigue and betrayal leading to a surprise ending. Written by Anthony Hughes {}

A group of airmen are in a German Prisoner of War camp. Each escape attempt has resulted in failure and a spy is suspected. When the materially successful operator comes under suspicion, he becomes an outcast. When a new arrival is accused of being a spy and saboteur, the camp unites to hide him as the operator looks for the real plant. Written by John Vogel {}

No one has ever escaped from Stalag 17, a POW camp for American airmen near the Danube. Maybe that's because there's a spy in barracks four. The German guards seem to know everything that's happening before it happens. Most of the American POWs suspect Sergeant J.J. Sefton, whose wheeling-and-dealing rates him special privileges from the camp guards. When Lieutenant Dunbar arrives at the prison camp, and is accused of blowing up an ammunition train, the American prisoners must expose the stoolie before he informs the Germans where Dunbar is hiding, AND get Dunbar out of the "unescapable" camp before the SS arrives to take him into custody. Written by Chris Bower {}

During WWII, in Stalag (which is German for prison) 17, the prisoners are dumbfounded as to how the Germans know when someone's trying to escape. Recently, two tried to escape and never made past just outside the camp. Sefton, a hustler and wheeler dealer, said that they wouldn't. And it also seems that Sefton doesn't mind that he has to trade with the Germans for some extra food or whatever and has no desire to escape. When they lose some valuable materials like a radio, or when a Lieutenant Dunbar, who just arrived, and who also blew up an ammunition train, and who also has some (unpleasant) history with Sefton, is arrested, they assume that Sefton's an informant. And while Sefton adamantly claims he is not, they don't turn their back on him or trust him, and would like nothing better than to tear him apart. Can Sefton find out who the real informant is? Written by

Cast of Stalag 17

William Holden ... Sefton
Don Taylor ... Lt. Dunbar
Otto Preminger ... Col. von Scherbach
Robert Strauss ... Stanislas Kasava
Harvey Lembeck ... Harry Shapiro

Richard Erdman ... Hoffy
Peter Graves ... Price
Neville Brand ... Duke
Sig Ruman ... Sgt. Schulz
Michael Moore ... Manfredi
Peter Baldwin ... Johnson
Robinson Stone ... Joey
Robert Shawley ... Blondie Peterson
William Pierson ... Marko the Mailman

Gil Stratton ... Clarence Harvey Cook (as Gil Stratton Jr.)

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