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Monday, June 4, 2007

Our Hospitality

Plot summary

This is a costume-period piece set in 1830s Kentucky. The Canfields and the McKays are feuding clans (essentially the real life Hatfields and McCoys renamed). In New York Willie boards a train (an exact recreation of the original "Stephenson Rocket"); on board he meets Virginia Canfield (the actress is Buster's real life wife). The dramatic waterfall rescue near the end is performed by Buster himself. Written by Ed Stephan {}

The Canfields and McKays are locked in a bitter feud, which Willie McKay has avoided while living in the city. During a trip to his old family home he meets Virginia and falls in love. However, after coming into her house he realizes she is a Canfield. Virginia's family wants to kill Willie, but their rigid social code prevents them from doing it while he's a guest in their home. Once he steps outside, however, it's a different story! Written by rmlohner

In the Nineteenth Century, there is a feud between the McKay and Canfield families in the country of the United States of America. When John McKay is killed, his wife sends their one years old baby Willie to New York to be raised by her sister. Twenty years later, Willie McKay (Buster Keaton) returns to claim for his family state. Along the train travels, he meets a young lady and they fall in love for each other. However, she is the youngest Canfield and her family has not forgotten the quarrel against the McKays. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cast of Our Hospitality

Joe Roberts ... Joseph Canfield
Ralph Bushman ... Clayton Canfield
Craig Ward ... Lee Canfield
Monte Collins ... The Parson
Joe Keaton ... The Engineer
Kitty Bradbury ... Aunt Mary
Natalie Talmadge ... Virginia Canfield
Buster Keaton Jr. ... Willie McKay (1 year old)

Buster Keaton ... Willie McKay (21 years old)

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