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Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Plot summary

Following the conviction of her German father for treason against the U.S., Alicia Huberman takes to drink and men. She is approached by a government agent (T.R. Devlin) who asks her to spy on a group of her father's Nazi friends operating out of Rio de Janeiro. A romance develops between Alicia and Devlin, but she starts to get too involved in her work. Written by Col Needham {}

Because her father was a German spy who has committed suicide in prison, Government agent T.R. Devlin recruits Alicia Huberman to become an undercover agent. She has fallen in love with Devlin and is trying to repay her father's moral debt to America, the country she loves and feels her father has betrayed. Her assignment in Rio de Janeiro involves resuming an acquaintance with a wealthy German businessman, Alexander Sebastian, who has been attracted to her. She is to infiltrate his circle of German scientists. Against the wishes of his mother, Sebastian asks Alicia to marry him. She accepts, and they marry, though she is disappointed when Devlin raises no objections. After their marriage, Alicia explores the Sebastian mansion, but finds the wine cellar is locked. Devlin tells Alicia to invite him to a party at Sebastian's mansion. She is to take the key to the wine cellar from Sebastian's key ring without his knowing it. At the party, Devlin and Alicia investigate the wine cellar, where the find some bottles of sand. When Sebasian finds them together in the wine cellar, they convince him they are having a tryst. Noticing that the key was missing and then returned, Sebastian suspects Alicia of being a U.S. spy and his mother plots to eliminate her because she has become a woman who knows too much. Written by alfiehitchie

Alicia Huberman is a frivolous girl who loves drinks and men; her father was a German spy in USA and he has committed suicide in prison. Government agent Devlin asks the girl to spy on a group of her father's Nazi friends in Rio de Janeiro; this could be her chance to clean her guilty name. The girl falls in love with the agent, but he seems not to be attracted by the life she is living. Alicia accepts the duty and she goes to Brazil with Devlin. The agent suggests Alicia should marry the spy and gain free access into his house, so she does. During a party, Alicia and Devlin find some uranium dust hidden in Sebastian's canteen, but now he has discovered Alicia is a spy and he starts poisoning her day after day. Written by Claudio Sandrini {}

CAst of Notorious

Cary Grant ... T.R. Devlin

Ingrid Bergman ... Alicia Huberman

Claude Rains ... Alexander Sebastian
Louis Calhern ... Captain Paul Prescott
Leopoldine Konstantin ... Madame Anna Sebastian (as Madame Konstantin)
Reinhold Schünzel ... Dr. Anderson (as Reinhold Schunzel)
Moroni Olsen ... Walter Beardsley
Ivan Triesault ... Eric Mathis
Alex Minotis ... Joseph, Sebastian's Butler
Wally Brown ... Mr. Hopkins
Charles Mendl ... Commodore (as Sir Charles Mendl)
Ricardo Costa ... Dr. Julio Barbosa
Eberhard Krumschmidt ... Emil Hupka
Fay Baker ... Ethel

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