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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Capture of Bigfoot

Plot summary for
The Capture of Bigfoot (1979)

A small town has made an industry out of Bigfoot sightings and ancillary merchandising. All this may come to an end very soon though. A local businessman hopes to trap Bigfoot once and for all, so that he can get all the publicity gravy. Written by Ørnås

Cast of The Capture of Bigfoot

Janus Raudkivi ... Arak, the Bigfoot
Randolph Rebane ... Little Bigfoot
Stafford Morgan ... Steve Garrett
Katherine Hopkins ... Karen
Otis Young ... Jason, a henchman
John F. Goff ... Burt, a henchman

George 'Buck' Flower ... Jake Turner
John Eimerman ... Jimmy, the kid brother
Randolph Scott ... Randy, neighbor boy
Wally Flaherty ... Sheriff Cooper
Durwood McDonald ... John Harrow, the poacher
William Dexter ... Hank Wells, poacher
Harry Youstos ... Harry, the agricultural agent
Verkina Flower ... Linda, a teenager
Greg Gault ... Kevin, a teenager

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