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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Meet the Robinsons

Plot summary for
Meet the Robinsons (2007)

Lewis an orphan wants to see what his mother looked like. So he invents a machine that looks through your brain so you can see your memories. But this weird kid says he's from the future and warns him about a guy in a bowler hat. The bowler hat guy messes with his invention and it fails. He decides that he's a failure and no one wants him. But the kid that warned him about the guy is here on a mission to find the bowler hat guy that wants to destroy Lewis. To prove he's from the future he takes lewis to the future. But the time machine breaks and he's stuck in the future until he fixes it. In the meantime he spends quality time with the family. But the bowler hat guy is about to alter time and it's up to Lewis to save the future. Written by Anonymous

When an orphaned child genius named Lewis has his science fair project ruined by forces from the future he must join with a strange boy who claims to be from the future to steal his invention back, fix it and save a new found family from a bleak future where mind control devices enslave the masses. Written by FMJ_Joker

Meet the Robinsons is filled with extraordinarily inappropriate and insensitive messages about adoption that will be disturbing to many children. The basic story is about an adorable baby whose birthmother leaves him on the doorstep of an orphanage. Portrayed as loving, sweet, extremely smart and overly appealing, he spends the next 12 years of his life wanting a family and being turned down by one family after another - in all, 114 couples refuse to adopt him. One disturbing scene shows a prospective dad losing interest in adopting the child because the youngster is more interested in science than sports. When he accidentally splatters them with food from his science project, both prospective parents walk out in a huff , leaving one very sad and disappointed little boy. Since no one else wants him, the child invents a time machine that will take him back in time to find his birth mother. The "bad guy" in his time travel journey turns out to be his best childhood buddy who was once his orphanage roommate. Now an emotional wreck resulting from being left behind when the orphanage was closed and shut down, the once-cute orphan is now mean and devious. The story continues with numerous monsters attacking the child as he continues to search for his birth mother. Written by Wide Horizons For Children (WHFC),

Cast of Meet the Robinsons

Angela Bassett ... Mildred (voice)

Daniel Hansen ... Lewis (voice)

Jordan Fry ... Lewis (voice)

Matthew Josten ... Michael "Goob" Yagoobian (voice)
John H. H. Ford ... Mr. Harrington (voice)
Dara McGarry ... Mrs. Harrington/Receptionist (voice)
Tom Kenny ... Mr. Willerstein (voice)

Laurie Metcalf ... Lucille Krunklehorn (voice)
Don Hall ... Coach/Uncle Gaston (voice)

Paul Butcher ... Stanley (voice)
Tracey Miller-Zarneke ... Lizzy (voice)
Wesley Singerman ... Wilbur (voice)

Jessie Flower ... Young Franny (voice)
Stephen J. Anderson ... Bowler Hat Guy/Tallulah/Grandpa Bud
Ethan Sandler ... Doris/CEO/Spike/Dmitri/Laszlo/Fritz/Petunia (voice)

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