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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jûbei ninpûchô

A Journeyman ninja by name of Jubei stumbles upon a plague, an evil clan of demons, a national crisis, and a beautiful ninja girl.

Cast of Jûbei ninpûchô

Richard Barnes ... Mushizo Shinkuro (voice)
Sonny Byrkett ... (voice)
Richard Cansino ... (voice) (as Richard Hayworth)
Dean Elliott ... Jubei Kibagami (voice) (as Dean Elliot)

Richard Epcar ... Lord Himuro Gemma (voice) (as Richard George)
Michael Forest ... (voice) (as Alfred Thor)
Dougary Grant ... Tessai (voice)
Bradley Lavelle ... Jubei Kibagami (voice: English version) (as Brad Lavelle)
Wendee Lee ... Kagero (as Wendee Day)
Edward Mannix ... Chamberlain Sakai Hyobo (voice) (as Ed Mannix)
Joan-Carol O'Connell ... Benisato (voice) (as Jenny Haniver)
Maureen O'Connell ... Zakuro (voice)
Andrew Philpot ... Yurimaru (voice: English version)
Anthony Rocissano ... Utsutsu Mujuro (voice)
Joe Romersa ... Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Toshihiko Seki ... Yurimaru (voice: Japanese version)
Emi Shinohara ... Kagero (voice: Japanese version)
Doug Stone ... Bandit (voice)
Jimmy Theodore ... Dakuan (voice) (as Rudy Luzion)
Kirk Thornton ... (voice) (as Spanky Roberts)
Kôichi Yamadera ... Jubei Kibagami (voice: Japanese version)

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