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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Monsters, Inc.

Plot summary

James P. Sullivan (AKA "Sulley") and Mike Wazowski pick up their paychecks at Monsters Inc., the utility company that generates energy from the goose bumps of children. Sulley, the No. 1 scream-generator at the plant accidentally lets in a little girl into the monster world. Since monsters are actually terrified of children it's a major cause for alarm and a major headache for Sulley and Mike. Written by Anonymous

In a land of monsters, James P. Sullivan is king. He and his coworker/ friend Mike Wazowski are two of many monsters that work for Monsters Inc. a utility company that generates power for a very paranoid and nervous city of monsters. This power, oddly enough, is generated from the screams of children, which is produced by scaring them in their sleep. One night, however, Sully uncovers a devious plot to rid Monster city of it's power problems, but in all the wrong ways. Together, ironically, Sully and Mike will fight to protect the innocence of the children they scare every night. Written by Redblok

In the world behind our closet doors, monsters like Mike and Sulley work hard for their income. To be exact, the monster world depends on our children's screams: It is their energy that makes lightbulbs glow and cars drive. Big companies like Monsters, Inc. collect the scream energy, and many monsters work there in shifts. In these times, it is getting harder and harder to shock the kids properly, since they're so spoiled by television, so that there's an energy shortage in the monster world. Sulley, the number one frightener, one day accidentally lets a human child into the monster world. Since kids are supposed to be poisonous and carry loads of diseases, pandemonium ensues. After Mike and Sulley discover that the girl they named Boo actually seems quite harmless, they decide to bring her back through her door into her room. But Boo's presence is more than just a mere accident. Now, Mike and Sulley have to face an enemy within their own ranks. Written by Julian Reischl {}

James P. Sullivan and his best friend Mike Wazowski work together at Monsters, Incorporated, a mega-company that delivers energy to Monstropolis, the place where they live. Mike and James are the best at what they do: scaring human childs so they can provide them enough screams to produce energy. But just when everything looked perfect, something happens and James releases someone who threatens to destroy not just the company but the whole Monstropolis itself! Will Mike and James be able to save the city by stoping the menace and put it back where it belongs? Or will Monsters, Incorporated come to an end and the days of scaring children be over? Written by tunatun

Cast of Monsters, Inc.

John Goodman ... James P. "Sulley" Sullivan (voice)

Billy Crystal ... Mike Wazowski (voice)

Mary Gibbs ... Boo/Mary (voice)

Steve Buscemi ... Randall Boggs (voice)

James Coburn ... Henry J. Waternoose (voice)

Jennifer Tilly ... Celia (voice)
Bob Peterson ... Roz (voice)

John Ratzenberger ... The Abominable Snowman (voice)

Frank Oz ... Fungus (voice)
Daniel Gerson ... Needleman/Smitty (voice)
Steve Susskind ... Floor Manager (voice)

Bonnie Hunt ... Flint (voice)

Jeff Pidgeon ... Bile (voice)
Samuel Lord Black ... George Sanderson (voice) (as Sam Black)
Jack Angel ... Additional Voice (voice)

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