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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Accidentally Domed Your Son

Plot summary for
I Accidentally Domed Your Son (2004)

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This offbeat dark comedy take place when four friends (Bisco, J-Rob, Pedro, and Hay Love) have a backyard bar-b-q and decide to come up on some bud. Not knowing where to turn, because the streets have been dry for a few months, they end up scoring from the son of a over protective mob figure by the name of Fredrico, who vows, if anything should happen to his son, their will be hell to pay. After a tragic accident, the four friends are on the run with only one person to turn to, Krego (Kurupt), Brisco's (Ryan Combs) long time friend. Krego confirms to them, Fredrico is a very powerful man, and there is no escaping his fury. Their only option is to change their appearance through underground plastic surgery, which would take them on a five hundred mile road trip. Along the way, they will have to avoid Fredrico's beautiful assassin, Venus (Jonnie Dia Renzo), and other unsavory characters, leaving them to ponder the question, was it just dumb luck, or was it the bud? Written by Ryan Combs

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